Accuplan’s environmental scientists have a broad and extensive knowledge of ecological assessment and management and offer a range of services in accordance with Local, State and Federal legislation and current best scientific practices.


Our biodiversity services include:

  • Accredited Biodiversity Assessor
  • Biodiversity Assessment Reports (BDAR) in accordance with the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) and Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS)
  • Biodiversity Stewardship Assessment Report (BSAR) to establish stewardship sites through BOS
  • Flora and Fauna Reports incorporating a 5 Part Test of Significance
  • Nest box installation and monitoring
  • Pre-clearance surveys and fauna rescue
  • Koala management plans
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Sea-grass surveys
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) analysis and mapping services